Single Phase Electricity Meter

A prepaid meter that works for outbuilding, granny cottages and even hostels


Ever found yourself having a tenant and not knowing how you would effectively recoup your electricity and water costs for what they’ve used for the month? There’s an easy solution! This prepaid electricity meter allows you to recoup what would be used by your tenant, upfront.

By putting in a prepaid meter, your tenant will be required to pay for his electricity usage upfront by purchasing tokens from you. These tokens credit the meter with a kWh that is calculated and in-line with the local municipal rates.

Once used, the meter shuts down until the tenant comes to you, the landlord and purchases more tokens.

By having your tenant pay you up front, you are ensured that they use only what they have paid for, should they stop buying, you will be aware of possible electricity theft based on their buying patterns and you also save yourself the hassle of paying their bill on their behalf.

The product comes in a two part construction. The wall base and the active metering unit. This type of construction allows for the wall base to be pre-installed and also allows for the easy access of technicians to remove the unit for maintenance purposes.


The unit comes with the following features:

Enhanced security – Token Entry lockout which prevents against fraudulent tokens entry acts

Active and reactive power measurement

Power factor measurement

Renewable Energy measurement

Power Overload Protection

Current Overload Protection

Under and Over Voltage Protection

Reverse line/ Load Protection

Configurable Tamper Detection

Low base current measurement

Programmable overload

List of meter specific tokens (up to 10 tokens)

Common wall base mounting

Configurable low credit alarm threshold

Additional information

Weight 0.78 kg
Dimensions 28.9 × 15.2 × 7.6 cm
Current rating

60-80 Amps


Granny cottages, Hostels, Outbuildings


Common wallbase, Double insulation

IP Rating

PL- IP54

Nominal Power Consumption

1.6W / 9VA

Operating Temperature

-10C to +55C

Over Voltage rating

420VAC for 48 hours


Current Overload, Line / Load reversal, Over / Under voltage, Power Overload, Thermal


Plastic seals, Wire seals

Short Circuit Rating



DSP 34-1635, DSP 34-749, IEC 62051-1, IEC 62052-11, IEC 62055-31, IEC 62055-41, IEC 62055-51, IEC 62055-52, IEC 65053-21, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, RES/RR/00/11740, SANS 1524-1, SANS 1524-1-1, SANS 1524-1-2, SANS 1524-4, SANS 15417, STS 101-1, STS 201-15.1.0

Status Indicator


Storage Temperature

-25C to +70C

System Frequency


Voltage rating

220V – 240V


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