About Us

Seltar Prepaid Metering Solutions was started in 2005 when the need for prepaid solutions for the private and commercial sector became apparent. A definitive opportunity to supply and provide quality service to private and commercial customers on a more engaging and individual level.

The business was founded on 19 years of working knowledge and experience in the prepaid metering industry. I began my journey at the company that started developing and manufacturing prepaid metering solutions, at the young age of 19, where I started off in the manufacturing floor. As time went on, I slowly worked my way up to the Sales Division and it was at this point that I was exposed to customers and world of preapid metering on a large scale.

Being on of the biggest suppliers in prepaid metering solutions today was a long journey and having a customer base that spans the entire South Africa is a testament to the service, quality and all round work ethic that we have at Seltar.

We continuously strive to give our customers the best service they can possibly receive, with good turn around times, trouble shooting services, ensuring the customer gets exactly what they paid for and in general to provide the customer with an experience that they will remember.